I came across this place through a morning stroll around the neighbourhood.


But I have heard of Bibendum before, with its restaurant famous for its food and the ground floor cafe for seafood platter, I just have to stumble and try their breakfast.

Breakfast menu is simple and sticks to the classic but with a Bibendum twist. One of the specialties that they have is the Eggs Bibendum, but instead I opted something I feel abit more light.

I got the smoked haddock on a bed of spinach topped with poached egg and smothered in hollandaise sauce (£11).

At first the hollandaise was very sour. But as you go along I understand why it has to. The sauce compliment the smokey and savoury haddocks really well and the spinach adds a light touch to the dish. Really good and the eggs cooked just right. A crack of fresh pepper adds additional bite to the dish. Fresh and delicious.

Bibendum cafe is relaxing and serves some really tasty food. Definitely will return for the main meals of lunch and dinner.

Price:£ (£15 plus coffee)
Square Meal
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