Oliveto was recommended to me by a friend and with some research I found out it’s in the Zagat’s list for Best Pizza in London. That gave me enough conviction for me to go give it a try!


Oliveto is refined in the Sardinian region of the Italian cuisine. They have wide range of pastas, pizza and anti-pasta. The place is simply decorated with wooden chairs and tables but refreshing as plenty of natural light penetrate the whole dining area.

For starters we got mozzarella with sweet sour vegetable relish and pine nuts (£10.80)

With beef carpaccio topped with a drizzle of truffle oil (£14.50). Both were really good. Especially the carpaccio. The parmesan is nutty and fragrant cut by the bite in the rocket that all goes well with the beef and the truffle fragrance makes it all so sensational. The creamy and soft mozzarella was delicious as well with the relish while the pine nut as crunch and earthy note.

We then share linguine with fresh crab, chilli and garlic (£17)

Wild boar ravioli with black truffle shavings (£18). The ravioli was delicious rich and flavourful but a friend of mine was unlucky to find an intruding object inside that the restaurant dealt with it very well by putting the plate on the house. The linguine for me lacks oomph. It was light but needed something to scream flavours.

Finally pizza topped with bresaola, rocket, mozzarella, tomatoes and parmesan. This is delicious. The pizza is nice and thin, the topping is fresh and pack full of flavour and goes very well together. Deserve to be on that list I would say.

Oliveto is a really good restaurant that serves delicious food at a relatively good price for a location they are in. Give it a try and hopefully you come out full and happy as I am.

Price:££ (£20 per head for 3 of us)
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