Berners Tavern is the latest venture by the talented Chef Jason Atherton. The restaurant is located just off the buzzling shopping area of East Oxford St.


The restaurant is residence in the Edition hotel and mind you it is one of the grandest place I have ever dine.

With many positive review under their belt, I just have to give it a try. Today I’m here for breakfast. The menu is simple and rather sticks to the classics.

First we got the eggs benedict (£8). The eggs was perfectly poached, the ham was well charred but the hollandaise was abit too heavy for me. It was rich and buttery but I miss the use of lemon to add that zing and citrus to freshens the sauce.

Follow by the Full English: 2 eggs any style, pork, garlic and herb sausage, Middlewhite back bacon, Stornoway black pudding, tomatos and portobello mushroom (£12).

The eggs was perfect, runny, gooey and soft. The bacon was abit dry and bland for me. The black pudding was delicious and the mushroom and tomato was sweet and earthy. The sausage was ok but not that wow. The bread was over toasted for me but the butter was delicious.

Berner Taverns breakfast menu has its ups and downs but at the price they charge it is still pretty good value. However, the food itself was just lacking something that could really let them stand out. Maybe I just have to give it another go but during lunch or dinner.

Price:££ (£17 per head plus drinks)
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