Poilâne is the French boulangerie that specialises in sourdough. You can find their bread at many leading supermarkets and also their bakery on Elizabeth Street that is approximately 5 min walk from this store.


This place however is own by the bakery and operates as both a place to relax and enjoy their product or just for a quick takeaway.


This particular restaurant specialises in tarines or open sandwiches that uses the fresh sourdough baked in their bakery in Belgravia while also offering pastries such as croissants and sweets and a few specialise egg dishes that you might not find else where such as cocotte.


My girlfriend’s friend is its one of the best places to get croissant and so I had to order. This cost £1.90. It was as good as she said it. Crispy skin and the inside is fluffy and chewy and buttery. Perfect compliment to the latte.

I got the For’bon tartine which compile of toasted sourdough topped with melted Saint Marcellin cheese, cured ham and oregano (£11.50). This comes with either soup of the day or a bowl of seasonal salad.


It was a really good tartine. The bread was nicely toasted, the cheese was gooey, cheesy and slightly pungent that pairs well with the cured ham and the use of oregano adds a touch of woodiness to the dish. Really good. So good you just have to use your hands to eat it.

Cuisine de bar really lets their core product shine, even thou it could be pricey for an open sandwich they surely don’t compromise on the quality they use. If you bored of eggs and typical english breakfast, give this a try and surely you’ll enjoy it as everything is made fresh right after the order.

Price:££ (£17 include drinks)
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