Andina is run by the team that brought us Ceviche in central Soho.


Whats different here is the relax and comfortable feel that the place has. The restaurant is located right on Shoreditch High St about 5 mins walk from Boxpark and the Overground Station. I was here for brunch and the menu is categorised into breakfast, eggs, street, mains, ceviches and dessert. All very tempting.


If you unfamiliar with Peruvian cuisine, this is one of the places to try besides the amazing Lima in Fitzrovia. I was here for brunch so the menu was different from the usual weekdays lunch and dinner service.

For sharing I got Siwichi ceviche that consist of fresh seabass in amarillo chilli tiger’s milk, goldenberry, sweet potato, avocado and red onions(£8). This is really zingy, fresh and lively dish. Light yet pack with vibrant flavours. Must order.

Another one is the Tiger’s Milk Trio: amarillo chilli with seabass, Nikkei with prawn, rocoto pepper with avocado and scallops and cancha (£5). This is like a tasting of ceviche. Really delicious. Each shot has its own unique character.

For the rather heavier side we ordered Causas Amantani: three cool potato cakes each topped by scallops with chilli mayo, pan fried hake, salso criolla and Uchucuta sauce, grilled trout, avocado grapefruit and rocoto jam(£11). The scallops is sweet and tender perfect with the spicy mayo. The hake is fresh and the sauce was minty that compliments well. Each potato cake is soft and creamy.

Aji De Gallina, a traditional casserole of chicken, amarillo chilli, pecan nuts, rice, crispy quinoa coated chicken (£12).

Follow by Pig Butty. Confit pork belly chicharrones in a soft bun with amarillo chilli sauce, sweet potato ketchup and salsa criolla (£6).

The pig butty was delicious. Porky, savoury and spicy. The bun was soft and crisp. Delicious. The casserole was also another good dish.

Andina is delicious. What more can I say?

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