This branch of the St.John restaurant group is famous for its food as well as their take on everyone’s favourite breakfast sandwich, the bacon sandwich or more slang the bacon sarnie.


A couple of months ago I was here for dinner and thoroughly enjoyed the food they offer. But want I just learn from fellow blogger, TheSkinnyBib, that this serves maybe London’s Best Bacon Sandwich. The Guardian says everyone penny spent on that sandwich is worth it.

So I just have to order the bacon sandwich.

In their website, Fergus Henderson has a word or two about breakfast. “An army marches better on a full tummy, like wise the best way to start the day is the taking of proper sustenance”. Oh my it was proper.

The bacon sandwich priced at £5.90 is massive!. You can share it for two.

I only manage half but it tasted amazing. The bread was so light, kind of like a white milk bread with a slightly sweet note. The crust is nice and crispy while the charred mark adds smokey burnt flavour. The Old Spot bacon was savoury and salty. The fat and oil soaked into the bread is delicious while the house made sauce cuts the sandwich perfectly. It really was a delicious sandwich.

Another delicacies that you can get here on weekends is their custard filled doughnuts offered at £2.50 each.

The doughnut is soo light, not overly sweet and the custard just ooze out. Very airy and delicious.

Need an indulging and fulfilling breakfast? Come here and you’ll have the energy to walk across London.

Price:£ (£10.5 plus drinks)
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