Blackfoot is a pig-centred restaurant right in Exmouth Market. Opened by Tom Ward and Allergra McEvedy to celebrate their love for the protein.


The pork they supply comes from Dingley Dell in Suffolk. Thats one of the best pork around in the UK. I once had it at Bread Street Kitchen and it was amazing in term of its natural flavour.

The menu as so revolves around pork. Starters range from charcuterie, to salads and hot starters that sticks to this wonderful protein.

For start I got the whipped lardo on sourdough toast (£4). Lardo is cured strips of fatback usually mix with rosemary and other herbs and spices. I think I might just give up butter. This is really good. Its porky, sweet and woody. Perfect on a brilliant sourdough toast. One of the must have here.

For mains I just have to go for the porchetta with lentils and salsa verde (£12.50)

Blackfoot’s porchetta uses pork middle of loin and belly stuffed with fennel pollen, rosemary, thyme and sage. This is my first porchetta and oh my it was bloody awesome. The pork is super succulent, juicy and delicious. The natural flavour of the pork is still there and the stuffing of various herbs perfectly match the pork. Woody, herby and floral. The lentils is well cooked is the right base for the pork while the salsa verde is just right. In addition the cut doesn’t have lots of layer of fat which is really good.

Add fennel, almond and orange salad (£4.5) to your pork will help cut the richness of the pork with it zingy and fresh crunchy salad.

Blackfoot serves great porchetta, even thou I couldn’t try their long smoke pork belly. This would be enough for me to come back and you should also come too!

Price: ££ (£23 1 main, 1 starter and side with 10% service)
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