Kopapa is another restaurant owned by Peter Gordon, the talented chef from New Zealand that also operates the Tapa Room at Marylebone that also serves one of the nicest breakfast dishes in town.20140203-161659.jpg20140203-161704.jpg
I was here for dinner a while back but wasn’t that impress but after much search of where to get a good breakfast in town, Kopapa always pop up.

So I just have to check it out. The menu has a similar feel to the ones at the Tapa Room, a distinctive take on breakfast from the chef. Coffee is rather great as I think it comes from the roaster opposite, Monmouth Coffee Company.

This morning I went for the chorizo hash with 2 fried eggs, rocket, sriracha chilli sauce and crispy shallots (£8.9)

This is a very hearty and spicy hash. You can really taste the chorizo and the texture of the dish is a combination of soft and crunchy. The sriracha sauce puts the heat up while the sunny side egg yolk helps cool it down. Really good.

Kopapa is a really good breakfast spot. Give it a go!

Price:£ (£13.20 include drinks)
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Square Meal


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