This is a hidden gem. The place is owned by Margot Henderson, the wife of the famous Fergus Henderson who started the St.John restaurant.


The place is located in the Rochelle School, tucked away from the busy Shoreditch High Street. The dining room is small, relaxing and laid back with white coloured walls and wooden tables and chairs.


The menu here changes daily base on whats fresh and available that day. Its a simple choice of starters and main that revolves around great british cuisine.

Having known that the owner is partner to the founder of St.John I had to order the bread.

Its a basket of thickly cut sourdough bread presumably from St.Johns on Commercial st and a nice chunk of butter. Delicious.

For the food I got grilled leg of lamb with turnips and anchovies (£15) and a side of sprout tops (£3.5)

This was delicious. The lamb was cooked perfectly as it was carved from the leg that was roasted whole. It was tender, juicy and flavourful. The sauce was sweet and sour from the capers that matches the lamb really well. The turnips were abit undercooked for me but I throughly enjoyed the lamb and veg. The sprout top was lightly sautéed and well seasoned, not overly bitter like the sprouts heart that pairs with the mains really well.

Rochelle canteen is a hit! Its delicious, its simple and straight forward. What more can you ask for? Come try, its really really good.

Price:££ (£23 include drinks)
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Square Meal


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