The Terrace Restaurant is a stylish and relaxed neighbourhood restaurant not far from High Street Kensington.

The place is owned by Sara Adams who runs the Kensington Square Kitchen not far from here. The food here is more a formal dining offerings.

The menu is focused on seasonal ingredients and dishes with British flair. The same philosophy that Sara Adams brings in from KSK.

Theres ala carte and set menu to choose. The ala carte looks tempting so I went for it. Before the main comes a slice of delicious treacle soda bread with salted butter is served. Its amazing. The treacle has the toffee honey sweetness that is just delicious.

I went for the main of veal sirloin cooked medium rare with gremolata, mushroom ketchup and triple cooked chips (£23).

The veal was cooked just right and well season but the meat itself lacks some sort of oomph. The chips outer layer weren’t as crispy as I thought it would be but its nice and fluffy inside. The gremolata compliments the meat well but I did not feel the mushroom ketchup at all. This could have been a great dish but something just was missing.

But the sides of buttered kale and chestnut (£4) was rather delicious.

The Terrace is a relaxing neighbourhood restaurant. But the food just needs the sense of oomph and wow factor.

Price:£££ (£30 1 main, 1 side plus service)
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