This is a small, cosy creperie right in the busy Hammersmith.

Like most creperie, the menu consists of either a savoury or sweet version of the crepe. But what different is their galletes which uses Breton buckwheat flour.


The crepes are prepared fresh every order as you basically sit right next to the crepe masters.

In the morning they have a really great deal if you order any crepes before 11am you get a cup of black coffee or tea for free.

I personally prefer savoury crepe so I went for the classic crepe complète (£7.9)

This classic buckwheat gallette that are gluten and wheat free is a combination of ham, cheese and egg.

Its really good. The cheese is gooey and cheesy. I presume they use gruyere, the egg is nice and runny while the ham adds a porky flavour. With a sprinkle of freshly cracked black pepper is just perfect. The slightly tangy salad cuts the heaviness of the crepe well.

This is a breath of fresh air than the usual crepe place in South Kensington. This place offers delicious, large portions crepe without breaking the bank. Next stop will give the Hampstead famous crepe stand a go. But this place will satisfy those in need of a gallette fix.

Price:£ (£10.20 plus drinks)
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