Grain store offers food that rather than basing the dish around the protein such as meat or fish, instead the vegetables take centre stage.


The place was recently awarded the 2014 Michelin Bib Gourmand and proves that the place provides great food at great prices.

The menu pushes vegetables and theres only 3 to 4 dishes with meat or fish in it. Some might say vegetables can be boring but here the vegetables are very exciting to eat.

For starters we got sprouting beans and seeds, miso aubergine crispy citrus chicken skin and potato wafer (£6.5)

Vegetable chorizo “scotch egg” with fennel and aioli (£6)

Both were very good. The sprouts were crunchy and sweet. The dish is light, refreshing and with a hint of Japanese ponzu and citrus flavours liven up the dish. The scotch egg felt like it was made from pork but nope its vegetarian. The heat cut by the creamy aioli is a delight.

Nibbles of onion bread with homemade crème fraîche butter (£3). Nice crust and chewy bread. Delicious.

For mains we got buttermilk and caraway braised cauliflower with black trompettes and fresh grapes (£13.5). A vegetarian dish thats rich, sweet and slightly tangy from the buttermilk. The whole braised cauliflower is tender and soft yet sweet. A good dish.

Another is grilled leeks, apple and pickled walnut salsa and confit pork belly (£15.5)

This was an interesting combination. The flavour was right but it was abit heavy. It was good at first but as you gets along it becomes too much. The dish just needed something fresh and zingy to cut its rich and heaviness.

All in all it was a delicious meal. The vegetables really are the star here and for me thats a good thing. If you feel you need a light meal and not just getting deli salads, come here.

Price: ££ (~£25 per head)
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Square Meal


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