First things first, the pictures are going to be pretty bad this blog. The place was dark and bad for taking photos. But the food was delicious!


Homeslice started from a street vendor and now create some really really delicious pizza at the heart of the busy Covent Garden.


The pizza here are sold either by the slice or 20″ inch size pizzas.

With prosecco on tap at £4.5 per glass, this would be good. The pizzas are either garlic based or tomato base.

With the pizza size soo big, you can get the half and half option so that you can put two toppings on one pizza.
We got half mushroom garlic base with ricotta and pumpkin seeds and the classic magharita (£20).

The mushroom was soo good. Garlicky while not overpowering, the mushroom is earthy and delicious and the ricotta adds that creamy tang. Delicious. The dough is thin and chewy with nice burnt edges.

The tomato base was also delicious. Simple, aromatic and full of flavour.

I think Covent Garden finally has a great place to enjoy a nice piece of Italian pie.

Price:££ (£20 plus drinks)
Homeslice on Urbanspoon
Square Meal


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