Bone Daddies brings one of the best selling food dish in Japan, the ramen.


The ramen is like an art form when I went to Japan. There are various ways to cook it, each place has their own take and each region of Japan has their own ramen speciality.

At Bone Daddies you get the choice of tonkotsu (pork broth), soy base and miso base while also the option of tsukemen where the noodles are served on the side with the soup acting as a dip.

To get started I order the sweet and spicy pork bones (£8).

This was on the specials menu on the blackboard. The pork ribs were huge!

I presume they use spare ribs which has a higher content of meat on the bone. The meat was succulent, juicy and fall off the bone. The flavours are intense, sticky, sweet and spicy. Delicious.

For main I got the tonkotsu ramen (£11). For me I think it was okay. The broth was creamy but not rich as I hoped it would be. The broth somehow weren’t very porky. But the chashu was delicious. The noodle was abit too al-dente for me, could have been cooked just abit more.

Bone Daddies is a lively place, loud and packed but such a let down that their ramen fall short. Maybe their other broth base would be better.

Price:££ (~£10 – £ 20)
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Square Meal


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