Cafe Murano is the sister restaurant of Murano which is owned by one of the most acclaimed chef in the UK, Angela Hartnett MBE.


Food here represents the cuisine of Northern Italy. The food is simple yet refine and approachable.


The menu are split into 4 sections: cicheti (nibbles and small starters), antipasti (starters), primi (pasta/risotto) and secondi (mains).

By looking at the menu, my stomach starts to rumble right away. After ordering, plain focaccia and rosemary focaccia are served with delicious olive oil. Great nibbles.

For the starters I ordered the warm octopus, chickpeas and pesto (£9.5)

And roast cauliflower soup with toasted crumbs (£7.5)

Both went down well. The octopus was super tender and melts away, the dish is light and earthy. The soup was the right consistency, well seasoned and delicious. Sweet and fragrant.

For pasta course we went for their best selling hogget ragu, olives and pappardelle (£12 or main course optional at £17). The pasta is freshly made as you can tell when you bite into it. The ragu is hearty and pack full of flavours but abit heavy on the salt as you go along.

Follow with osso buco on a bed of risotto Milanese (£16.5). This is amazing. A must order. The meat is tender, rich and succulent. The risotto is perfectly cooked, slightly creamy and the rice retain its texture. Very fragrant that perfect match to the meat.

To finish it off we ordered the fantastic tiramisu (£6.5). Not overly sweet and with nice hint of coffee that is not overpowering. Another must order.

Also a tangy and refreshing lemon sorbet(£1.75 per scoop) to cleanse the palette. A great end.

Cafe Murano food is delicious, simple and pack full of flavour that is in a very informal dining environment. If you like italian food, you just got to check this out.

Price: £££ (£33 per person)
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