Lowry and Baker is a small neighbourhood cafe at the end of the busy Portobello road.


The place has been in Time Out’s best place to have breakfast for a long time and when arrived I wasn’t surprise, the place was packed even on a early Tuesday morning.

The place is super cosy and laid back, the kitchen is basically the front counter, serving light dishes and Monmouth coffee.

I opted for something abit light today, I think.

Simple avocado on toast topped with poached eggs and parma ham (£8.50), you can also get salmon if you prefer.

The dish is light and straight forward. Avocado is lightly seasoned, pinch of pepper on the eggs and the ham is nutty and salty savoury. All comes together really well.

If you prefer a sweeter treat, get their massive fruit scones with strawberry jam and clotted cream (£3). This is delicious. Slightly toasted, light cream on top and not overly sweet jam. Just perfect. One of the best I would say.

Lowry and Baker is a easy place to relax and grab either a light meal or sweet treats. So if you happen to go to Portobello Market just drop by here before you head there to refuel or indulge yourself on the scone.

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