Le Coq’s food is simple. They do one of the best rotisserie chicken you can get in London town.


As you enter you see straight away the spinning Sutton Hoo chicken cooking away in the rotisserie. It looks golden and moist. The place only offers that with optional 2 or 3 course meal with sides and snacks that you can order.


I was lucky that the place wasn’t packed and got the seat right away in this cosy restaurant.

As I order tap water I was surprise to see a piece of cucumber inside which add such wonderful perfume to the usually dull water.

I picked the 2 course meal (£17) and chosen the starters of beetroot and walnut borani with flatbread.

This was amazing. The borani was sweet, creamy and light. Packs a punch of beetroot and sweetness run throughs while the walnut adds texture and earthiness to it. The slight tang goats curd compliments it well and the dill just brings it all together on the amazing thin and warm flat bread that felt just like a thin piece of pizza bread.

The meal gets better when the main arrives of their rotisserie chicken served with white beans and castelfranco with a side of green salad (£2.75) and harrisa yoghurt (£1).

Also a small pot of chicken jus and tarragon mayo is served along side. This was excellent. Succulent chicken meat that packs full of flavour. The natural sweetness and savoury of the chicken really come throughs. The chicken jus is amazing, so good I picked it up and literally sip out of the jug. The addition of the harrisa yoghurt adds the right balance of heat and kick to the dish, perfect complement. The tangy vinaigrette in the salad refreshes your palette while not overpowering the chicken.

Hands down one of the best chicken dish I have ever have. So if you a big fan of this white protein. You must come and try!

Price: ££ (£~20+)
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Square Meal


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