Damson & Co is a chill little spot on the busy Brewer St right opposite Yalla Yalla.

Breakfast here are based around eggs but also some sandwiches that you can grab or fresh brewed coffees.

I was here once awhile and go and was rather impress with their selections of food and stumble upon their breakfast offerings so I came back.

I couldn’t decide between the benedict or the royale so I went for both. They do half portions so I managed to combine the two together at a price of £9.50.

The eggs were poached perfectly, very runny yolk and soft whites. The smoke salmon was abit too overpowering for me. The hollandaise was very buttery and rich and abit too heavy. But by adding some freshly cracked black pepper spice it up that helps reduce its heaviness. The ham underneath was porky and savoury but not sure why it was abit sour.

Damson & Co brings classic breakfast dishes to Soho. But is it up to the level of other places that is doing the same thing is something I’m unsure. But at the price they charging its a really good bargain.

Price:£ (£12 including drinks)
Damson & Co on Urbanspoon
Square Meal


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