Hawksmoor has done it again, here at Foxlow. The food has moved from the classic steakhouse to a more relaxed take on long slow cooked meats.


The menu is simple and not complicated but yet everything so tempting.

But the most alluring to me was the slow, long hour cooking of two types of meat: pork and beef. There are nibbles as well such as the mama ghanouj with sourdough bread (£3.5).

Rather than using aubergine in a traditional baba ghanouj, they went for butternut squash which was rather delicious.

What blew me away was the eight hour smoke bacon rib (£16).

When it arrive I was shocked. It was massive! I couldn’t finish but damn it was good.

The meat was so succulent, moist and tender. You only need to exert little pressure to cut through it. The flavour of it is excellent and bbq sauce that comes with it is nice and tangy with abit of spice.

Having it with gem lettuce with parmesan dressing and beetroot with horseradish and nuts (£4 sides portion, £7 starter portion) is just perfect. Crisp, refreshing and goes hand in hand well with the big piece of meat.

Foxlow is amazing. Awesome food, great atmosphere and attentive service. Looks like Hawksmoor just hit a home run again. Come check it out guys, its amazing!

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