The Smokehouse is a gastropub run the Chef Neil Rankin who has been at Pitt Cue Co. and John Salt.


As the name suggest the place evolves the use of smoke and fire in cooking their meals. But today its Sunday, they offer something like a ritual in the UK dining habits, the Sunday Roast.

With an open kitchen and blackboard stating where the ingredients have come from and a very unique menu the has the flavours as far as the Far East got me hungry.

To start we got the spicy toppokki and Cornish mussels (£6.5).

This was spicy and surprisingly authentic! It tastes like it was cooked in a Korean restaurant. The toppoki or rice cakes is doughy and soft and the mussels are fresh. Delicious.

For mains I went for the roasted Hereford beef served with roast potatos, seasonal vegetables, gravy and yorkshire pudding (£18). I must say its really delicious. Delicious beef, cooked just right and tender. The horseradish on the side is spicy and fierce. Perfect with the beef. The potatos are amazing and each vegetables was right for the beef.

To end the sticky toffee apple cobbler (£6). This is delicious. This tops my list of great toffee pudding offered at restaurant. Its decadent and delicious.

With such standard left with just only me to come back and try their a la
carte weekday menu.

Smokehouse on Urbanspoon
Square Meal


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