This is the next instalment of Jason Atherton’s restaurant empire. After such a delicious meal at the Little Social I just have to try this one.


Social Eating House on Poland St was recently awarded its first Michelin star in 2014. I was not surprise as to why. The service was excellent and so was the food.


This is probably one of the best deal for a prix fixe lunch offered only at £19 for 2 course or £21 for 3 course.

After ordering bread was served. The same delicious ones as Little Social. Great resource management I would say.

For the lunch prix fixe starter, I got BBQ Cornish mackerel with mooli, avocado, yuzu, wasabi and purslane.

This is a delicious combination of flavours. Great contrast in texture and a wonderful depth of flavour. Sweet, sour, smokey and savoury all in one. But the downside I think the mackerel was abit too salty.

For mains I got the slow cooked Dingley Dell pork belly with fermented apples, lentils and bok choi.

This is delicious. Intense flavours, rich and luscious. The pork is stuffed with nice herbs that reminded me of the delicious porchetta I had at Blackfoot in Exmouth market. Super succulent meat, falls apart and the lentils has abit of bite and a kick of heat and sweetness that lifts the pork. Delicious.

Food this good at £19 is a deal you must seal. A food this great, a service this good is something you just got to try. Michelin quality food, high street price and informal setting, what more can you ask for. So come try cause its well worth it.

The Social Eating House on Urbanspoon
Square Meal


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