The Lockhart serves Souther US States cuisine lead by Mississippi born chef Brad McDonald.


I once heard of the Souther States cooking from TV shows such as Man vs. Food and Diners, Drive ins and Dives.

Which those shows has got me very interested in trying such cuisine and was very lucky found a spot that serves that in London.

To start I went for buttermilk wedge salad with bacon and chopped egg (£7). This is delicious, tangy dressing, crispy lettuce and crispy bacon topped it all off. Delicious.

I also got sizzling hotplate corn bread and honey butter (£5). This was also delicious. Very decadent, slightly sweet and amazing.

For main I got fried chicken plate with sides of chill broccoli and sweet potato puree (£12).

The batter on the chicken was crispy, the meat was moist and succulent but the only problem for me was it abit overly salty to my liking. The sides however compliments the chicken well. The potato was sweet and creamy and the broccoli has a nice crunch to it.

Lockhart overall was a good experience. But if the chicken wasn’t overpowering in its saltiness it would have been great!

Lockhart on Urbanspoon
Square Meal


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