Polpetto in Soho’s Berwick St serves rather delicious italian small plates.


Owns by the famous restauranteur Russell Norman, who restaurant under his belt includes Polpo, Sputino, Mishkin and many more.

The menu is clear and simple with the ideology of small plates to share. The dishes on offer however was very unique compared to other places and one of those italian region that I have not tasted before.

I once took my girlfriend to Polpo and it was a wonderful time. So when I heard his flagship makes a return I just got to check it out. After ordering, a welcome basket of rosemary focaccia is served with olive oil. Delicious bread and earthy oil.

To start I got the Camone tomatoes (£3.5). These are very unique in terms of texture and taste. Slightly sweet and tangy but has a earthy note and crisp skin. Which went down well.

When theres burrata on the menu I just got to order. So after the tomatoes comes the burrata with agretti and chilli (£8).

This is delicious. Creamy, gooey burrata with a hint of chilli and the agretti adds a resistance of texture to the dish. Drizzle with olive oil and freshly cracked black pepper is like icing on the cake.

On the heavier note we went for the scallops with cauliflower and lardo (£12). This was delicious as well. Tender and perfectly cooked scallops on top of a velvety smooth puree and a note of porky goodness on top. Yummy!

Who could resist bacon? To end we got bacon chop with whitty pear butter and walnuts (£9).

This is porky goodness at its best. Tender and succulent, slightly smoke and savoury. Plus the flavour of the chop matches so well with the pear butter that is slight sweet and tang and the walnut adds a crunch and woody note to the dish. Really really delicious.

Polpetto is a welcoming delight to the London dining arena. If you look for a place to enjoy italian small plates in a relax environment this would be the place for you. Even Jason Statham dines here! (But damn didn’t get to take picture with him thou)

Price:££ (~£20 exclude drinks)


3 thoughts on “Polpetto, Soho

  1. These dishes made me hungry! What a great place. When I first went to London I had spaghetti in an Italian restaurant and I must say I didn’t have such a good impression, the sauce tasted like ketchup and the spaghetti were mushy, not al dente. But things have improved since then, it was in the 70s. But I do love British food, especially cucumber sandwiches and the sweets! Here in Sicily I often do 5 o’clock tea.

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