The Quality Chop House Dining Room offers modern british cooking in a rather traditional and classic dining room.


With their own food store and butcher next door, it was clear that the restaurant boast on what best ingredients to use that day.

Different from the wine bar next door, the menu in the dining menu is shared set menu of £35 per person.

Similar to the ideology of Pipsdish, where you just basically sit, get the glimpse of what dishes to come and just wait to be fed.

The menu was very interesting, light starters progress from seafood to vegetables follow by a more heavier main course of meats with side and dessert.

To start, brown bread and butter is served. Really nutty, grainy and delicious.

Followed by chicory filled with goats curd, drizzle of olive oil and hazelnut. The filling was delicious. Slightly pungent goats cheese yet creamy, the chicory was crunchy and fresh but abit overpowering because of its bitterness.

Follow by crab toast and fennel. The crab meat’s natural flavour remain. You get both white and dark meat of the crab.

A heavier breaded ox tongue and pickled walnuts follow. Very savoury and tender and the tangy note of the walnut balance the ox tongue well. This reminded me of the Japanese tonkatsu.

Sprout flowers and bagna cauda was delicious. Sweet with a slight crunch and the bagna cauda was just right for the sprouts.

The parsnip medley with brown butter is delicious. You get a combo of parsnips cooked various ways such as puree, roasted, fried or dried into crumbs. Sweet, fragrant and delicious.

Mains was Denham Estate lamb with salt baked swede and cabbage.

The flavours were there but the leg part of lamb was abit chewy and not tender and the shoulder was rather dry for me.

But the sides of leek and celeriac puree was delicious. So good I had to get a second serving of the puree.

To end was a delicious and refreshing combination of blood orange, chocolate, creme fraiche and hazelnuts.


Overall QCH serves some really good food that just let the ingredient shine, simple and not complicated. The wine list is massive and lots of delicious wine to pair. But if the lamb had hit the spot it would have been an amazing meal.

Price:£££ (~£50+ plus drinks)


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