Phuket Town brings the flavours of Southern Thailand to the palettes of the city dwellers.


This small eatery decor in old school Thai period furniture was once the place to go to for me for Thai intense flavours food of the South.

It was nearly 3 years since I last came here and so with cravings of this food in mind I just got to come back.

I ordered the watermelon cooler (120 baht) and what I got surprised me. They used half of the watermelon and then use the shell as the container! Genius! But it was super refreshing and not too sweet. Perfect.

Typical to our dining culture, we ordered many dishes to share. So the first is prawn stir fry and shrimp paste and sa-tor (Southern region beans) at (180 baht).

Follow by kang-tai-pla, a spicy dark light curry of cashews and fish viscera (135 baht).

Follow by pork kua-kling or spicy mince pork cooked in curry paste, Phuket style (150 baht). These 3 were rather good. The kua-kling was nice and fiery. Fragrant. But the fish viscera curry could have been darker and more intense in flavours and heat like it used to be when I was here.

Next is my favourite. Kanom-jeen-pu or steam vermicelli noodles with light yellow crab curry and condiments.

This is delicious. The noodle is soft and tender and the flavours of the curry is very fragrant, mild and sweet yet has a hint of spice that just has the right balance. Typical in such dish that condiments are accompanied so you can mix and match various vegetables to add another depth of flavours of contrast in textures.

Follow by fluffy and soft crab thai omelette with hot sauce.

Also lieng-pad-kai or Southern leaf vegetables stir fried with eggs. Both were delicious. The omelette was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside and packed full of crab. While the vegetables had a delicate and distinctive taste from other veg because I would say it only grows down south.

The steamed fish ball with spicy seafood sauce and crispy garlic also is a delicious light alternative.

If you like fried chicken you could get this really good turmeric fried chicken with red and brown sticky rice. Savoury and fragrant. Delicious.

Last but not least another delicacy from the Southern region is yellow curry with young coconut and seabass. Another delicious dish, fresh, crunchy and spicy. Perfect with the omelette and a nice spoonful of rice.

It was good to be back here. But even thou it seems I really had enjoyed it, it still lacks that same level of punch I got when I first here. The flavours were lighter which in my opinion should have been more intense. But still if you want to give this regional cuisine a try, Phuket Town still is good enough to do so.

Price: Moderate (300 – 500 baht per person)


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