Pah-su restaurant specialises in the Thai-Vietnamese cuisine. Offering dishes from the Northeast region or E-sarn (อีสาน) and Vietnam.

Vietnamese cuisine is big in Bangkok. Its light, delicious and very healthy for you as it involves lots of vegetables and herbs.

Here at Pah-su however wasn’t as good as I thought it would be.

From the accolade and awards they got posted in front of the menu, I expected more.

Stable in Thai-Vietnamese restaurant is the naem-nueng (160 baht).

DIY pork skewers wrapped in lettuce, garlic, raw banana, cucumber, rice noodle sheets, herbs and sauce.

This was the best out of everything we ordered. Most places the pork skewers tend to by dry and rubbery but here its tender, succulent and savoury. The condiments of heat, tangy and crunchy all forms a great little morcel.

Follow by steamed rice noodle with pork and vegetable filling topped with fried shallot and Vietnamese pork sausage. The noodles were really soft but the filling was little and lack oomph.

Prawn wrapped on sugar cane was also lacking in sweetness and natural flavours of the sugar cane.

Vietnamese guay-jub or noodles was also lacking in character. This is another noodle dish that is different to Pho. The noodles are chewy and the broth are peppery.

To end we went for the banana fritters. The banana is massive! The batter is light and thin and crisp. Only had it had abit more sweetness it would have been great!

Pa-Su didn’t quite hit the mark for me today. The naem-nueng parcels were delicious but the other didn’t quite stand up to it. At the price they charging I was expecting more.

Price: Expensive (~300 baht per head include drinks)


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