A Bangkokian who loves to travel and enjoy great food! Part restauranteur, part food enthusiasts, part blogger and part big brother….

Inspire by food since I could remember, brought up in a family where food comes first and sure never to not got a decent meal..

To a point my friend just say, why don’t you just start writing about food through a blog?

So here it is.. my attempt in explaining food in an informal way, how the food taste and what to eat… cutting to the chase of what is to offer… telling it like a friend talking to each other about food… isn’t that what its all about when you meet your friends right?

This blog is all about my exploration through the culinary scene of places I visit, as I travel I tend to take my food as the first priority.

Currently I this blog has moved onto the next phase. As this started in London and now I am based back in Bangkok, the blog and food would evolve much around Bangkok and Thailand and hopefully one day return to the UK!

I’ll be bringing you recommendations on what you must eat and to-die-for dishes across different places and when you have the chance to visit knows what best to eat in that city!

Feel free to comment, make recommendations on places I should check out through the email: munchmyway@gmail.com

Follow my quest and munch through the way with me across the world!
Bon Appétit!



9 thoughts on “About the Blogger who just enjoy good food

  1. Hellooo thank you for the comments on our site, you really do go hard on your meals!! the pictures look amazing, and its so well written, we could almost taste the flavours as we’re reading 😀

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