Ahh its been awhile and Bangkok has seem to be a place full of Cafés and brunch spots. One that has really seem to hit it big time is the one located at SeenSpace 13 in Thonglor Soi 13. Roast is now the go to spot for most of the brunch lovers and café enthusiasts of Bangkok, as you get to experience their freshly brewed coffee or their take on classic breakfast/brunch dishes as well as an eclectic mix of various types of cuisine.
It was freakishly hot here in Bangkok today so me and my girlfriend shared a glass of their strawberry ice tea. It was refreshing, floral and with a nice touch of citrus aromas that is perfect for a hot summers day.
For the savoury dishes, I got the eggs benedict with ham served with house greens and the option of Citrus hollandaise rather than the original one (B240).
This I must say is really delicious. The hollandaise even though its not buttery or rich but its still silky and smooth while the citrus effect makes it light and tangy that cuts through really well. This makes the dish not overly heavy for a very hot day. The eggs were poached perfectly. The whites were soft and the yolks exploded like a volcano. The muffin was light and fluffy, a perfect bed for the eggs and savoury ham.
We also went for the pulled pork burger with slaw and sour cream dressing with a side of fries._MG_5529

The bun was light, buttery and perfectly toasted but the filling was abit of a let down for me. The pork was abit dry and the bbq sauce that was folded into the pulled pork was too sweet and very sharp. Lacks that bbq feeling for me and the sour cream and slaw even makes it more tangy. If there was something to give it a lift or a kick in contrast of flavours it would have been a great little bun.

Roast I think lived up to my expectation. It was laid back, relaxed and had the right element for a place to grab brunch. Even thou one dish was better than the other, still it was pretty decent. The stand out point is their menu that combines journalism and food offerings which was very entertaining as well as informative in letting us diners know where the food was source.

So give it a try and hopefully you like it!

Price: BBB (B400 – 600)


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