BOYY Café is owned by the famous fashion and accessory brand BOYY. The concept here is to let their shoppers to enjoy and see their products in the boutique upstairs and also to refresh themselves after a day of shopping downstairs at the Café. I was here before and the ice-creams and sundaes were really good. Next time I’ll definitely show but today I’m here for the buns _MG_5316
So here it is their steam buns with glazed pork, coriander, chilli and cucumber (B200). I love their presentation. Serving in a bamboo steamer really makes the diner very excited to find out whats in the steamer.

The buns were super soft, slightly sweet and delicious. But the downside to this were the filling. The pork was dry and the sauce that comes with it was very sweet. The cucumber and chilli were fighting for a place in the bun that just overpowers all the flavours of the dish. Rather than everything complimenting and balancing each other, instead one tries to overpower each other. Its such a shame. But the bun was rather big in portion!

Price: BBB


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