Fujiyama Go Go in Sukhumvit 39 specialises in Tsukemen style of ramen. The restaurant acclaimed to be the ramen champion from Nagoya!_MG_5642
The place oozes the feel of a typical Japanese ramen shop. The people working there consists of both Thais and Japanese, therefore make you feel as if you are eating in Nagoya. The menu here based around Nagoya style Tsukemen that uses Japanese fish flakes or bonito as the base for their broth. _MG_5634
If you were first timers of Tsukemen, there is a little anime guide of how you eat it as well!
First I got the Umakara Tsukemen Special (B330). _MG_5624
The special stands for the toppings that you get in addition such as the chashu, bamboo shoot, seaweed and sliced leek. The texture and size of the ramen was perfect. Not overly thick, springy and has a certain bite to it that is similar to a feel of an al-dente pasta. The broth itself is also really really good. The bonito flakes really comes through and not overly powerful. You get a nice hint of spice and plenty of chopped tofu, chashu and soft boiled egg to compliment the ramen. _MG_5636
The other one we order was the Kara Tsukemen (B250).
This one was more of a spicy version with a similar broth base. The ramen are incorporated with chilli paste, bean sprouts and cabbage. With a special grated spice served in the spoon. This particular spice gives you a similar feel to a kaffir lime leaf and when incorporated into the dipping sauce actually compliments and works really well.
Tsukemen is something you can’t really eat fast so they provide a small induction cooker to re-heat your tsukemen dipping soup which is pretty clever as if it gets cold, it can be pretty heavy.

Fujiyama Go Go I might say could be one of the best spots you can get Tsukemen in Bangkok. The flavours are well balanced, the portion are freaking massive that I couldn’t finish and the atmosphere really screams Japanese style ramen house with japanese phrases and words are shouted nearly every 5-10 mins. If you are a fan of such cuisine, come and give it a try and hopefully you won’t be disappointed.

Price: BBB (B300 – 400)


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