This roadside eatery on Prachachuen- Pakkret Road serves the famous Halal dish of the Thailand, Kao-Mokkai.


Kao Mokkai is similar to a chicken biryani. The chicken is cooked in light curry and then baked together with the rice which has all been cooked in a water thats fragrant by various herbs and spices.

Chicken and beef were available to choose. They also have steamed vermicelli with fragrant sauce or kanom-jeen naamyaa (35 baht).

This is a light and flavoursome dish. You can mix your noodles with various forms of vegetables to add layers of flavours and texture while it compliments the lightly spice naamyaa sauce.

I got the chicken version (45 baht).

This is delicious. The rice is cooked just right that retains a certain bite in texture. Its also very fragrant and light curry that let the juicy and succulent flavours of the chicken to come through. Sweet and aromatic. The fried shallots adds that nice crunch and flavour. Also add the green spicy dipping sauce to elevate the palette. Delicious.

Spicy soups are also a must. This one the chicken spicy soup (40 baht). Tender chicken and fiery and sour soup with plenty of aromatics. Delicious compliment to the rice dish.

This place does some pretty delicious kao-mokkai and soup. A must try Halal staple in Bangkok.

Price: ~40 – 60 baht per dish


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