Rard-nar sawei is a local small eatery that serves northeastern region food and the homey Rard-nar or stir fried rice noodles topped by a sweet and peppery gravy.


Rard-nar or noodles in gravy sauce descended from the cuisine of China. This place serves one of the best. The dish is usually consists of rice noodles in various sizes which allows you too choose, topping of either seafood or protein of beef or pork.

But before getting into the noodles, I walked past a display of hot grilled chicken and couldn’t resist. At 50 baht per piece it was delicious. Juicy, tender and flavoursome. Slightly garlicky and very savoury. Accompany by spicy dipping sauce is a perfect condiment.

For the rard-nar noodles, I got the sen-yai or thick rice noodles with eggs and tender pork (40 baht).

This is delicious. What unique about this is the process of the stir fry. Theirs aromatic charred effect that you get in frying in a hot wok. Distinctive sense just like grilling steak in a griddle pan or smoking your meat. The pork is tender and the sauce is peppery and slightly sweet. Add abit of chill vinegar completes it all.

If you happen to be a fan of such dish and happens to be around Chaengwattana Soi 10, this is the place to satisfy your appetite!

Price: Cheap (60 baht per head)


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