Engine Truck

Engine Food Truck in Bright Red

First up, the Engine Hot Dog Food truck. I came about this little red food truck by accident. Having spend lots of time around Shoreditch High Street recently, I came about this pop-up stop right opposite the Pizza East restaurant on the street.

Now lets look at want they serve, at Engine Hot dog food truck. At Engine currently they are serving 5 different types of hot dog, but I was able to try only two which are:

The Big Richard

The Big Richard Hot Dog

First one, The Big Richard. Not wrong to say the name suited well cause it was a big hot dog. At a price of £4,50 it was well worth it!

The hot dog was delicious, a big snap whenever you bite into the sausage, topped with mustard to give it abit of heat, sourness from the pickles and those crunchy fried onions on top just makes it all worth every bite.

Second up, the Hose “A”. This is a 100% beef dog, topped with smoke chipotle sauce, jalapenos, sour cream, fried onions and doritos chips… I never thought doritos chips on dog is super good… trust me.. its good..

This dog is great for those who love their food spiced up, snappy dog just like The Big Richard, lovely smokey sauce similar to a tangy BBQ and heat from the jalapenos gives it a kick.  £5 for this dog.

Hose "A"

Hose “A”

Find them at:

Shoreditch Streetfood Mini Market

186 Shoreditch High Street

or follow them @EngineFood


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