After working I never knew I would cherish my weekend so much… So after a long week of work, I just need to find some place to relax on a late Sunday


Granger and Co fills that spot.. I heard of this place for a long time.. Its one of Australia’s famous Bill Granger restaurant.. He has outlet in Tokyo, Sydney and London


My cousin who and friends who lives in Sydney say you must have their ricotta pancakes..

So let’s see how it goes…



First up the calamari with salt and pepper and spice mayo.. The calamari is sweet and tender.. But unfortunately the batter soaked up soo much oil that there was a pool underneath all the calamari…

The corn fritters was abit too dense for me but the corn are nice and sweet and the cumin roasted tomato on the side and bacon is nice… Just the flavour of the cake wasn’t right


Next their full Aussie Breakfast


This is delicious… Look at the scrambled eggs! How did they do it! Super soft, cloud-like and tender.. Just perfect texture.. Bacon is smoked adds that nice savoury kick to your breakfast and the avocado salsa is just right


Finally, their infamous ricotta pancakes


At first I didn’t thought it will be this big.. But wow it was big! However, the pancakes were rather soft and fluffy.. The ricotta adds that denseness to it which was nice and the condiments of honeycomb butter, ripe sweet banana and drizzle of maple syrup just makes it all heavenly..

I would say Granger and Co classics dishes are the one to go for such as the Scrambled eggs with sourdough, Ricotta pancakes and the Full Aussie really delivers for me but the fritters for short..

However it is really a place to come enjoy a nice lazy weekend with your friends or even your partner..

Bon Appetit!

Price:££ (£20-£25)
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Square Meal


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