Auan Ba-ku-tae serves bakutea, a hearty, herby and light chinese herbal soup.


I’ve heard of such dish on the tv but never had the chance to try. So with this place introduce by my girlfriend I just got to check it out.


The place only serves such delicacy. The dish comes in various portions from 1 person to one that can be shared for a large table of 6. The ingredients are simple.


Theres white chinese cabbage, 3 different type of mushrooms, pork ribs, stomach, intestine etc and ham hock.

Its served in a furiously hot pot, sizzling away and damn delicious. The chinese herbs gives it a very subtle taste.

Very fragrant broth, tender and earthy mushrooms and savoury porky pieces. Perfect pairing with a bowl of rice and fresh chilli soy sauce.

Bakutae is a simple, light and delicious dish. This one serves a really good one as well. So if happens to be around Bon Marche market, come try this!


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