Chinese food are renowned in London.. One place that I feel delivers quality Chinese dishes is at New Fortune Cookie….

Typically the best way to enjoy food in Chinese restaurant are to go with a large group of friends… So that you can order and try different dishes…

So today I ordered, roast duck, shredded beef in spicy sauce, steamed mince pork with salted fish, steam scallops in chilli and garlic soy sauce and deep fried pepper squid with chilli and garlic



First the scallops as a starter, the scallop is tender and fresh with abit of bite into it and not too soft… The sauce accompany the scallops were not too salty and had the heat from the chilli



Next the shredded beef and pepper squid, crunchy batter, fresh sweet squid… Spicy garlic and chillies and salt best of combinations..

The beef was fried then stir fried into the spicy sauce… Spicy and sweet


Next the steamed mince meat with salted fish… Some might but put off by the salted fish but this dish goes perfectly well with rice.. Tender almost creamy pork mince that still retains a bight, ginger adds the aromatic hint into the dish… Balance out the saltiness of the fish


Finally the roast duck, it may not be as famous as the ones at Four Seasons or Gold Mine however the duck is still a pretty decent dish to try… Tender and juicy, not too oily.. Sweet soya sauce and steamed chinese cabbage similar to the ones serve at Four Season is well brought together..

Overall if you need a quick fix in chinese cuisine, New Fortune Cookie delivers… Another dish you must have is the Lobster Noodles!

Price range from £8 to £15 per dish


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