There are many great places for salt beef in London and the one at Brass Rail, Selfridges is one of them..

At the Brass Rail, they offer you three choices of meat: Salt beef, pastrami and tongue

Bread selection of Rye, white, wholewheat or bagel and wide range of mustard such as english, french, wholegrain and even horseradish


The food is prepared right infront of you.. Leaving drooling while waiting..

So today I ordered the Rye Salt Beef with english mustard and gherkin on the side…

The order comes in half, regular or large.. Regular is the right portion and half could leave craving for more..

Salt beef uses the brisket cut of the beef making it juicy and tender when goes under long slow cooking… The ones at Brass Rail are delicious… Tender, juicy and cut into thick slices which deliver a full chunk of salt beef every bite…

The salt beef flavour here is quite intense but with the english mustard’s heat and tangy and sharp of the gherkins balances the whole sandwich…

After a hard and tiring day shopping at Selfridges.. Always drop by to fill up your tummy with their famous salt beef.. as I highly recommend!

The meal was £9.70 (£8.7 for the sandwich and £1 for the gherkin)


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