Hereford Road is a British restaurant located about 5 minute walk from Notting Hill Stn. is the restaurant owned by ex St. John Bread & Wine head chef, Tom Pemberton.

As you enter you see the fresh churn butter, breads and lemon displayed on the window and a small open kitchen.


The restaurant was packed full of people even when I arrived at around 14:15. The menu is distinctively british and what first pull me in was the price they charge. For a generous and delicious portion of starters and main, 2 course set lunch at only £13. With that on offer I just went for it

For starter I got Beetroot with sorrel and boiled egg. This is a bombardment of flavours that didn’t homogenise. The beetroot was sweet but then you suddenly get a hit of saltiness from the large piece of salt flake follow by a overly bitter and strong cress. But the egg was cooked perfectly. Each element somehow was fighting for its place in the ring. Still it was a light and refreshing dish, lower the use of salt and it would be just right.

Follow by onglet steak cooked medium rare with chips and aioli. The chips were super good, right up there with Heston’s triple cooked chips. It was super crunchy on the outside and fluffy inside and well seasoned. The steak was flavoursome and savoury, even thou not as good as the one’s in Chop Shop but still a decent piece of steak that retain its bite.

Lunch menu here is a bargain. The portion is big as well as the flavour. All for just £13, come try, as I would sure come to try their a la carte.

Price: ££ (£19 for lunch menu plus drinks and service)
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One thought on “Hereford Road, Bayswater

  1. When I looked at the menu you provided, my first thought was that the prices were reasonable. It sounds like a nice spot to have a bit of lunch.

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