KSK aims at using the best seasonal British ingredients. The place is run by Sara Adams as the Head Chef.


The place is inspired by Sara’s time living in Sydney and travel in California. This reflex the restaurant clean, simple and relaxing atmosphere. I was lucky to be there early to grab their weekend brunch. After a short set down, the place was packed!. This place really is a hidden little place that serves delicious food, keeping you away from the crowded spots of High St Kensington.

The place only does breakfast and lunch. In today’s brunch there was many tempting dishes such as peach malba pancakes with raspberry coulis and toasted almonds or steaks and eggs.

Instead I got the wild mushroom on toast with poached egg and truffle oil (£11).

Its earthy and delicious. The mushroom retains it natural flavours and tender but the fragrance of truffle oil makes your mouth tingles. The bread is nicely toasted, crusty and smokey. The eggs poached perfectly.

Even thou its £11 and could be class abit expensive but the you can see the ingredients are well source, even their fresh orange juice is delicious! (£4).

KSK is a nice hidden place to get a good meal for either breakfast or lunch. So come check it out and let me know what you think!

Price:£ (£15 mains plus drinks)
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