After undergone some thorough tasting across the culinary scene of London…I think I could finally comply the 10 dishes that for now whenever you are in London you just have to try….

These places embraces the key ingredients, adds their own twist and unique combinations that just leave you wanting for more…

Great food doesn’t have to always have Michelin Stars, food trucks or even market stalls can deliver that same quality… that’s why I love the culinary scene of London…

These dishes are great in value and the place deliver great quality service… leaving you wanting to return for the second time…

So here by far what I think are the places you must try: (Click on the link to see my thoughts, reviews and the dishes to order!)
1. Fusion makis and sushi at Dinings
2. Buffalo Bill Burger at Street Kitchen Food Truck
3. Ultimate Beef Ribs which won 2013 Ribstock at BBQ Whiskey Beer 
4. Porterhouse steaks at Hawksmoore
5. Holyf**k Pulled Sandwich at The Rib Man
6. Beef Wellington and Signature Chocolate Dessert at Bob Bob Ricard
7. Dine at La Petite Maison
8. Buffalo Wings smothered in Woof Woof Sauce at the Orange Buffalo
9. Pizza at Story Deli
10. Roast Duck and Roast Pork at Pearl Liang
As I go along I will continue to review and refine to bring you food lovers all the food out there that London has to offer… but for now check these current top ten and trust me, you won’t be disappointed!

Bon Appetit!


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